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Since prisoners face difficulties in completing routine tasks from the prison cell, we provide our clients with bespoke lifestyle assistance so that they can still lead a productive and well-lived life, even if incarcerated.

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Clerical and secretarial
Whether building a parole packet or writing a book, Citizens Assistants gives the things you create a stunning, professional look while making sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.
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Banking and financial
Discreet and dedicated, Citizens Assistants will work to provide you with the accounts and services you need to grow and manage your money while you wait on that out date.
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property and estate management
Whether you need to dispose of property you owned when you were incarcerated or care for new holdings acquired during your sentence, Citizens Assistants has a team of professionals at your disposal to steward your assets.
research and investigation
Whether you're a looking for the perfect case to win that appeal or trying to make sure your spouse is not cheating on you, Citizens Assistants has many professional partners who work tirelessly to care for your needs.
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red carpet reentry services
Citizens Assistants has created an exclusive package for reentering the Freeworld in style. Tell us what you want your first day out to look like, and we will tailor an experience you will never forget.
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Premiere concierge services

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